Sunday, 27 May 2012

Away with the Rodens

To be Away with the Rodens (alternatively, Living the Roden Life or Living with the Rodens) means to have ultra-orthodox tastes in literature, and by extension also in music and the other arts.

A writer of weird fiction who behaves and works as if the past 100 years never happened is said to be Away with the Rodens. He/she will regard modernism, imagism and symbolism with dismay; and be actively frightened of surrealism, absurdism and postmodernism. This aversion to the new may express itself by means of a certain amount of incoherent (and ineffectual) aggression.

The ultimate Away with the Rodens cultural experience can be closely approximated by sitting in a chair in a room with magnolia walls and listening to a James Taylor song while reading an M.R. James story and eating boiled cabbage without any herbs or spices while wearing a black jacket, white shirt and tie on one's upper body and large offwhite Y-front underpants on one's lower half.