Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Gunky Fibbon

A Gunky Fibbon is a reader, critic, reviewer, writer, hackling, cocknob, maturity wanker, softvark or tactical twat who disparages a work of literature purely because of a dislike of its creator.

Gunky Fibbons make value judgments about a book or story based on how they regard the moral worth of the author. For instance, one may read a Felipe Alfau novel and enjoy it immensely; later one learns that Alfau supported Franco in the Spanish Civil War; suddenly the book is no longer as good as it was. That is gunky fibbing.

The lowest kind of gunky fibbons are those who not only erroneously use the moral life of an artist to gauge the independent worth of the artwork but whose reasons for gunky fibbing are petty and personal (example: the author has refused to like the gunky fibbon’s own literary efforts; the gunky fibbon will then take ‘revenge’ on the author by pretending his work isn’t good.)

A song popular in the 1970s encouraged honest citizens to injure gunky fibbons. The simplistic refrain went as follows:

Do, do, do the gunky fibbon!”